Ask Nathan: Ram “Dakota” electric truck, the return of the Nissan Quest and you bought a Mitsubishi Montero outlet?

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In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Will the Ram Dakota EV be a “thing?”
  • Do you think Nissan will bring back the Quest van?
  • Ha! Can’t believe you (Nathan) bought a Mitsubishi Montero POS!

The first question comes from an VE fan who thinks the Stellantis EV pickup will be called the Ram Dakota EV.

Q: (via: NathanAdlen @ Twitter) Hi Nathan! I emailed you ([email protected]) about the Ram Dakota EV!

I haven’t heard back, so I’m sending it to your twitter page as well. And I have hot news on the Ram Dakota EV! My friend, who works near the Chelsea proving ground, said he saw a pickup noticeably smaller than the regular Ram! Everything was covered as usual. He said he was at the opposite end of the test facility and could clearly see it next to a current ram.

He said it was smaller. I think this could be their answer to the recent explosion of medium and small pickup trucks. I love electric cars and my family owns a Nissan Leaf and a Tesla Model S. I have wanted an electric pickup for a very long time. But the Ford F-150 Lightning is too big for my needs. I want that capacity and that range in a smaller package. Do you think Stellantis just built it !?

– ScoobieEV

A: Interesting information.

For a while we saw a variety of partially disguised small vans racing around the Chelsea Proving Grounds. In many cases, the vans turned out to be Fiat-based vehicles, like the Strada. Yes, these mics are very small. Much closer to the size of a Ford Maverick or Hyundai Santa Cruz.

We started seeing these little guys testing as early as 2014.

That being said, it could to be something quite different. Stellantis said there will be an all-electric Ram pickup and even showed us teaser footage. They never noted that it was going to be the same size as a gasoline 1500. If I were on that planning committee, my suggestion would be to build both – a full-size, small EV pickup. Americans love full-size pickup trucks, so it makes sense to build one on the upcoming STLA Frame EV platform.

… But a Ram Dakota EV?

It would be cool if they scaled down that rig to build an affordable pint-sized pickup that still had good reach. It’s possible, but I doubt they’ll do both at the same time.

One more thing: I’m sorry you didn’t receive a response from your email. Sometimes emails slip through the cracks and we miss them. Thank you for your sponsorship!


The next question comes from a fan who wanted to know if it was possible for Nissan to bring back their Quest van.

Nissan Concept

Q: (via: NathanAdlen @ Twitter) Hey @NathanAdlen, are you still asking Nathan for segments on TFL?

I was wondering if Nissan is considering bringing back the Quest? The minivan game seems to be making a comeback with the Pacifica, Sienna, and Carnival. I would like to have your opinion on this. Thank you!


Nissan elgrand

A: Hi Gary!

This is an excellent (and timely) question. There are a bunch of rumors going around about the Nissan Quest. It’s like it just reappeared on my radar last month.

First, a little flashback: The Nissan Quest had some success after its US debut in the early ’90s. The final version sold here, the RE52 platform left with a whimper. Slow sales, poor safety ratings, and better-equipped competitors ended Quest’s race in the US in 2017.

I liked the earlier Quest minivans, especially the uniquely designed V42.

Nissan Quest / Elgrand rumors:

The JDM Nissan Elgrand was a slightly smaller version of the Quest. Most of my sources put this minivan as the main topic, but there’s also a big problem I just caught about the quest.


  • A source says the Elgrand could become the first mass-marketed EV minivan, as it could share the powertrain of the upcoming Ariya.
  • A bunch of Nissan rumors have come from bestcarwebJP regarding a plethora of possible upcoming products. One of those vehicles was the Serena minivan, which may be brand new. It could also spawn an imitation of US Quest. The other was an Elgrand – both received a CG makeover, but neither could provide official information. One thing this website found was heavy use of Nissan E-Power powertrain.
  • E-Power: This powertrain has yet to be introduced in the United States. It uses a Nissan Leaf powertrain and adds a small displacement generator. Nissan has managed to put it all together in a small platform (Nissan Note) in Japan, where it is a very good seller. Some rumors point to a more robust version in the direction of their minivans.
  • All-new, all-American Nissan Quest? Yes, the last rumor just crossed my office the other day. This information is just speculation, but it comes from a Nissan friend of mine who beat around 275 with the Nissan predictions (out of 500). The source says Nissan plans to use most of the powertrain from the new Nissan Pathfinder (9-speed and V6) for an all-new Quest. They think it will be FWD only.

Again, remember that the above is based on rumors and speculation.

Nissan is getting interesting again, and I can’t wait to see what they cook up next!


If the Quest returns, it must measure up to this …

The last questions / statements relate to my purchase of a 2004 Mitsubishi Montero. Most were positive, but here are a few that are not.

Q: (via: Youtube) You bought a Nathan outlet!

joeri gielen

$ 8,000 flushed down the toilet. They have a weak hi / lo box and the automatic 4 × 4 only engages in forward gear…. when you want to back up, it disengages the 4×4.


Looks don’t make him run, take him off-road and post a real video about his performance !!! I can’t believe you all answer inside and under the hood !!! Put a Jeep, Tacoma against this SUV, let them perform actions and see who wins !!! Did any of you answer, have you ever been off-road in the Suv ??

(via the Facebook group

D. Port – You bought a Nathan point of sale!

(Via the Mitsubishi Monteros USA Facebook group)

Jeff king

The value has just skyrocketed. On the way to the moon (Gif of guys swimming in money).

Franck Eck

Hahaha. Another guy from YouTube raising the price / cost of these vehicles! Bad news for enthusiasts, good news for all fins. (Middle finger inserted here)

(Via Twitter)

Glenn boeb

Nathan. I am disappointed in you. A 4Runner is a much smarter purchase. Are you even going to take this off-road?

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Images: TFLcar

A: I think some of these comments are based on a lack of information. I will deal with these comments one by one.

First: a brief explanation.

About a month ago my kid was driving my beloved Nissan Pathfinder (R51) and got punched in the back. No one was hurt, but the blow totaled my truck. It was one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned, and it was very utility. I will miss it.

Now I had a limited window to take my insurance payment and find a replacement. What a shit time to do that! This market is brutal, and I have told everyone who has asked to wait until things are over later this year, or early next year. It is for ALL vehicles – new and used.

Let’s move on to my answers:

I seriously doubt that my purchase will make the prices skyrocket. If interest grows in these videos, there may be a small push in the market, but I doubt it. On top of that, it might open up some secondary market options that have been shelved in the past. We never know.

The reason I paid a high premium for this vehicle was based on its maintenance history, general condition and rarity. Since 1994, I have owned three Monteros. Everyone that I regretted selling. I was initially looking for a pre-2001 model – but this one (among others) caught my eye.

Yes, this platform WILL get off the road and think of filming a construction on it. He needs tires, suspensions and a little armor to make me happy. I won’t go too far as it needs to be usable on a daily basis.

Fortunately, it runs very well and its transmission as well as its transfer case work well. Some of the nasty comments I’ve seen about its powertrain and reliability seem to come from people who knew someone who had a bad experience. These things happen.

Hell, I know a family that had a newer 4Runner that was unreliable. This can to arrive.

Most (seriously – like 95%) of readers and viewers were overwhelmingly positive; I really appreciate!

The bottom line for me is this: despite being unhappy that I had to buy something in the worst car buyer’s market in modern history, I am very happy with my Monte ”.


Now here is the video presenting my new Monte ‘!


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