Ask Nathan: The next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, the upcoming Toyota Sienna hybrid, and a 3,000 used car answer?

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Will the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee look like this Jeep Yuntu concept?
(Picture: Jeep)

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • What’s new with the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  • Toyota Sienna Hybrid?
  • A response to our $3,000 (or less) used car video

The first question comes from a Jeep fan who is curious about the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Q: I must be bored, this is my 3rd email at TFL, never seen “pre-covid”, ha.

This is the Jeep WL 2022 (?).

Skipping the 80th anniversary sounds drastic, or is Jeep still going to have a (short-lived) 80th WK2 with “special colors and interior” like my 2016 WK2 Recon Green Laredo Edition 4X4?

The latest JEEP The rendering of the interior looks promising, the exterior, at first glance, seems almost indistinguishable from the current Grand Cherokee.

Yes, yes, I know that “they” never comment on the future product. . . but do YOU ​​have any opinion or “spy information” you can share or speculate further? Other than what we see on the new 5th Gen WL forum?

Thank you.


A: Hi Lou! There are a ton of questions about the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee – both inside and out.

Obviously, Jeep will be delayed with many product rollouts, and that should include the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee. I think it would make sense to expand the current batch of fourth-gen WK2s.

The MBZ W166 platform predates the WK2 by several years. In short, it’s old. FCA has done an outstanding job of keeping the old vehicle relevant and competitive, it’s time for a change. It looks like FCA’s new Giorgio platform will serve as the new platform. That’s good news because it’s stronger, lighter and much more sophisticated than the old platform.

It also means Italian/European influence with interior materials and design.

Here is what we hear:

  • The Jeep Grand Cherokee (WL) will be assembled at the Jefferson Assembly Plant. It recently received $3 billion in investments.
  • ” – – (A) few WL secrets leaked in August 2019 in an Instagram post, beginning with the start of production in the spring of 2021. Digital instrument clusters measuring between 7.0 and 10.1 inches, up to 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment systems and a cool-looking Ram-inspired rotary shifter are some of the highlights to look forward to. – – Self-evolution
  • Hemi, SRT and Trackhawk editions can be discontinued.
  • We’re learning that all production timelines are subject to change thanks to the COVID 19 crisis. That could very well mean the next Grand Cherokee will have to wait a year.
  • Rumors swirl around a turbocharged I6 in development that (many say) will outperform the current Hemi. It could be intended for the development of crossovers, SUVs and trucks. We can see it in the next generation Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We’ll see.

FCA sells a lot of Grand Cherokees. Last year they moved about a quarter of a million in North America alone. Not bad for an SUV that hit the road in 2011. The bottom line is that this is an incredibly important vehicle for FCA, they have to get it right – big.


The next question comes from a viewer who is curious about rumors of an upcoming Toyota Sienna minivan (hybrid?).

Q: Updated information on the new Sienna?

The hybrid is rumored to be, I just hope it’s not the same engine as the 2020 Highlander Hybrid. The Highlander Hybrid is underpowered (243hp), don’t try to pass anyone on the highway.

Joe M.

A: Hi Joe!

There are a ton of rumors about the next Toyota Sienna minivan. Yes, some of these rumors are not just about a possible hybrid, but about a possible all-wheel-drive (AWD) hybrid.

We know Toyota is a pragmatic company. They closely watched FCA’s development and upgrades to the Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid. It’s entirely possible that they’re planning to make a plug-in version as well.

Toyota may develop the only plug-in AWD minivan in North America. Now that would be something to see!

We should know more soon.


The final question comes from a viewer who responded to a video we posted about a $3,000 (or less) used car.

Q: I just watched Nathan’s best 3k car video.

It’s unfortunate with the current pandemic, but if you do a search there are some great car deals out there. Just picked up this gem 2005 Honda Civic VP for $3500 species.

I also believe that most people really prefer raised station wagons to cars. This also helps to lower the price.


A: Thanks for the email!

Looks like you got a good deal! I took a quick look and found higher mileage examples ranging from $3500 to $5500. By the time I searched the area requested by the email, my choices were limited. I also saw Honda Accords, but focused on the Camry because there were plenty for sale in his area.

Almost every four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive passenger car has some serious rock-solid reliability potential. What is important is good maintenance and responsible former owners. Some brands, like Toyota and Honda, have a particularly good reputation for long-term quality.

In other cases, the old Ford Crown Victorias and Chevrolet Caprices are almost legendary for their reliability.

When people ask for my help, I try to keep in mind where they are looking, what their budget is, and possible rough diamonds.

Looks like you have quite a gem yourself!



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